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Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

What is AAC?

Low Tech:

This includes the use of:

  • objects
  • photos
  • pictures
  • symbols
  • yes / no wrist bands

The items can be presented individually, from a choice of 2 /3 /4, as a chart or board or as a book

Simple / Lite Tech:

This would include the simple message devices where messages are recorded in and activated by a switch press.

(See the communication ideas leaflet)

HIgh Tech:

This includes all the range of electronic communication devices.


Obtaining an AAC device is just the start of the communication process. Careful consideration needs to be given to the appropriate software for the individual's needs and then most importantly the implementation of programming, learning and using the device. It is not enough to give a person an AAC device and expect them to use it. Vocabulary and sentence structure has to be taught and opportunities given for the person to communicate.

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