Independent Speech and Language Therapy

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Language Development

Language Comprehension:

Formal / Informal assessments will be carried out to monitor how much the individual using AAC understands of the language spoken to them. This may be referred to as a level of how many Information Carrying Words are being understood in a spoken sentence or the complexity of the grammar understood. Occasionally 'age equivalents' are given but this can be misleading since it does not reflect the years of social interaction and life experience a person may have.

Language Expression:

A person using AAC needs to develop their language expression in a normal developmental pattern / order. Even at a very simple level, a range of vocabulary needs to be introduced including nouns (objects, people, places), actions / activities, feelings / descriptions, chat, questions, time, etc

As more words are introduced, language structure needs to be modelled, encouraged and advanced slowly, until the person using AAC becomes proficient at creating long, fully grammatical sentences.

Repetition is the key and by doing formal and informal activities the person using AAC builds their confidence at communicating clearly at their individual level while having fun!


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